Recent Course Feedback and Comments


Our seminar attendees overwhelmingly say they would recommend our seminars to their colleagues! Join us for a valuable & practical educational experience soon!

Comments from Participants

 “Both speakers are fantastic teachers. This is a rare experience.” Kim Z., SLP
 “Great design of lectures, excellent videos, current research!” Emily B., SLP
 “This was the best conference I’ve been to in a long time.” Sarah W., SLP “Well-rounded, highly informational. Handouts excellent.” Lisa R., SLP
“Comprehensive, and evidence-based.”Laura S., SLP
“Very functional and informative. Dynamic speakers!” Gretchen L., SLP
 “Shared relevant literature and tons ofclinical experience!” Laura W., SLP
“Extremely knowledgeable speakers with the ability to engage the audience!” Jo P., SLP  “ Loved the handouts and videos. Packed with
great ideas, case studies!” Nancy W., SLP
” I received state-of-the–art and extremely functional information!” Cynthia V., SLP
 “I’ve attended several other feeding courses and yours is the best!” Julie M., SLP
 “The best money I have spent on continuing ed in years!” Stephanie S., SLP
 “Very useful and effective information. Qualified and credible speakers!” Rebecca D., SLP
 “Current information backed by research & cited with resources. Great conference! Mary, SLP

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