Updates for Catherine Shaker

Hard to believe it is almost Christmas! It has been a busy year for me with speaking across the US, including a webinar for Passy-Muir on the NICU, and writing 4 manuscripts for publication! One was recently published by NANN, The National Association of Neonatal Nurses, as part of their e-newsletter. It’s called “Cue-based Feeding in Your NICU: Food for Thought”. You can find it by searching Google Scholar, which is a wonderful; way to follow the literature!

Watch for my newest manuscripts to be published in 2013:

Reading Preemies’ Cues in The ASHA Leader, Early Intervention issue, February 2013

Cue-based Co-Regulated Feeding in the NICU: Supporting Parents in Learning to Feed Their Preterm Infant in Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews (NAINR) in March, 2013.

And, hopefully, “Cue-Based feeding in the NICU: Using the Infant’s Communication as a Guide” which I just submitted to Neonatal Network, a wonderful neonatal nursing journal.

I’m busy finalizing my seminar sites for 2013 as I write this blog. Just a few loose ends to tie up so I hope to have the information posted on my website very soon. I’ll be bringing back the seminars I taught in 2012. I am so amazed at the comments I receive about how much my teaching has inspired so many therapists and nurses. And especially how word of mouth about my seminars travels far and wide, even to Saudi Arabia, Australia and KoreaJ In 2013, I will for sure be in Arlington and Houston, Texas as well as the Boston area. Other sites are in the works as we speak. Contact me if you’d like your facility to be considered as a possible location in the future.

Dr. Suzanne Thoyre, my good friend and nursing colleague for over 20 years, and I will be bringing back our cue-based feeding seminar but we’re changing the title to “The Early Feeding Skills (EFS) Assessment Tool: A Guide to Cue-based Feeding in the NICU”. We are also working in 2013 on completing the psychometrics for the Early Feeding Skills Assessment Tool (EFS) that will broaden its use.

As we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s it’s a time to slow down and give thanks. Thank you for staying in touch and for sharing your good thoughts about my seminars. Wishing all of you a wonderful season and God’s blessings throughout 2013!