Want to learn about working in the NICU or enhance your skills as an NICU therapist?

My teaching will be starting again in May of this year and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet many of you who share my passion for the babies in the NICU.

I’ll be teaching my seminar NICU Swallowing and Feeding: In the Nursery and After Discharge in Boston, Minneapolis, Richmond, Dallas and Houston.

I’ll bring you the latest evidence-base about feeding/swallowing in healthy preterms, late preterms, chronically ill preterms and sick newborns—we’ll look at what makes each unique, how to do a differential to sort the most critical factors affecting that infant’s skill.

We discuss a global, whole-baby approach to assessment and interventions that you can individualize based on the infant’s  emerging skills during feeding. You’ll love the videos I show of infants feeding as they help you see their cues, what to look for and how to help then be successful feeders both in the NICU and after discharge.

We’ll discuss infant-guided care to support the best feeding outcomes, and how to share your feeding expertise with the caregivers you work with, both families and staff

Also, you’ll find my recently published manuscripts on the NICU on my website, www.Shaker4SwallowingandFeeding.com . They have helped many NICU therapists to better serve this unique population. I hope it helps you too!

Hope to see you in July in Nashville!


Join us for Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: The Essentials in 2013!

Want to enhance your problem-solving and skills with completing a differential for your pediatric feeding/swallowing patients?

Join us for Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: The Essentials in 2013! I’ll be teaching this seminar in Boston, Minneapolis, Richmond, the Dallas area and Houston this year. My colleague, Theresa Gager, will be there as well to share her thoughtful down to earth approach that has won her the heart of many parents and children! You’ll especially enjoy her discussion of Tools of the Trade – the many ways to facilitate feeding that involve the child and his caregivers.

We’ll bring you the latest evidence and years of practical experience with a variety of diagnoses and give you insights on how to assess, sort out relevant factors, make a treatment plan and then implement it.

Theresa and I absolutely love teaching this seminar together. We have worked together as therapists for over 25 years and continue to learn every day from the children we are fortunate to work with, and their families!

We look forward to sharing our experiences and insights with you at Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding!!

Catherine and Theresa