Announcing 2014 Seminar Schedule

2014 Shaker Seminars Brochure

Look for my acclaimed series of seminars…and a new one for 2014!

*Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: The Essentials

*NICU Swallowing and Feeding: In the Nursery and After D/C

*Pediatric Video Swallow Studies: Physiology to Analysis

*Tracheostomy and Swallowing: Pediatrics to Adult

*Early feeding Skills Assessment Tool: A Guide to Cue-based Feeding in the NICU

NEW in 2014!

The Advanced Clinician in Pediatric Dysphagia: Taking it to the Next Level

Day One: Complex cases, Hot Topics

Day Two: Ask the Experts (Bring Your Cases!)

This timely seminar will bring you essential information to enhance your effectiveness as a specialist in pediatric swallowing and feeding and a sought-after member of your team. What makes an advanced clinician “advanced”? It’s not just having information. It’s how you use the information you have, what sense you make of it in light of the big picture, and how you apply it dynamically to each pediatric patient. Correlating co-morbidities, clinical data and the infant/child’s behaviors is at the heart of completing a good differential. Apply critical problem-solving skills to complex cases, explore hot topics in pediatric dysphagia, and bring your cases to solve. Come prepared to take it to the next level!

May 15-19: Morristown, NJ

June 13-17: Leesburg, VA * Tracheostomy, VFSS and Early

Feeding Skills Assessment Tool/Cue-Based feeding seminars!

July 11-15: Dallas, TX *includes new Advanced Clinician Seminar!

August 16-20: Irvine, CA

Sept 10-14: Phoenix, AZ

October 16-20: Lake Forest, IL

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