Looking ahead to 2014!

Looking ahead to 2014!
Hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving! I am taking a break to enjoy the Florida Fall and my German Shepherds who are ten and are the loves of my life. They get so excited when they, not my computer, have my attention, and get to go for a run in the Florida sunshine! My work at the children’s hospital continues to be so rewarding and another way for me to learn something new each day. I am amazed as well at what I learn from those of you out there who come to my seminars. I am inspired every day and am blessed with wonderful opportunities to grow.
It has been a busy year for me, with speaking across the US, and writing 4 manuscripts for publication! You can find my recent publications on my website. I am so pleased to hear from NICU nurses across the country and even internationally who have read my publications and written me to say how much the information I shared informed their practice and made a difference for the infants they care for. That is so rewarding to me!
Watch in mid-November for my latest publication, “Cue-Based feeding in the NICU: Using the Infant’s Communication as a Guide” which is being published by Neonatal Network, a wonderful neonatal nursing journal. I think it is my best work yet ☺ as it captures the critical dynamic nature of feeding preterms and how an infant-guided approach is essential. Let me know what you think!
Check out my 2014 seminar plan on the TAB on my website at the top “2014 Schedule”. My finalized 2014 brochure will be out shortly.
As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it’s a time to slow down and count our blessings. Thank you for staying in touch and for sharing your good thoughts about my seminars. Wishing all of you a wonderful season ahead and God’s blessings throughout 2014!