Greetings from Florida!



What a fast year this is! I cannot believe it is already June. It is a balmy 97 degrees here today. Staying inside in the air conditioning seems the best to me, though my German Shepherds still seem to have the energy to play ball and enjoy the sunny blue skies☺

I am looking forward to my new seminar The Advanced Clinician in Pediatric Dysphagia: Taking it to the Next Level coming up soon in Dallas. So many of you have contacted me about finally having access to a seminar like this. We’ve designed it to “feed your mind”, get you thinking an sharpen those problem-solving skills. What makes an advanced clinician “advanced”? It’s not just having information. It’s how you use the information you have, what sense you make of it in light of the big picture, and how you apply it dynamically to each pediatric patient. Correlating co-morbidities, clinical data and the infant/child’s behaviors is at the heart of completing a good differential. We’ll look at case studies, including those you bring on DVD or a flash drive to share with the group and problem-solve.

And we’ll discuss lots of current hot topics including:

Everyday challenges “in the trenches”

Critical thinking about HFNC (high flow nasal cannulas) and feeding

Cortical learning underlying feeding/swallowing

Use of NMES in pediatrics :Contraindications, risks, benefits, cautions

“Post-Traumatic” feeding disorders

Thickening: What do we know? What to do?

Oral motor treatment in pediatrics : Not just exercise !

Breastfeeding: What the SLP needs to know
The “steps” to eating

FEES in pediatrics

Enhancing respiratory function for swallowing/feeding

And more!

……….Come ready to take it to the next level ! ……………….

See you in Dallas!


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