Spread the word to your NICU nurses! I am pleased to add the opportunity for NICU nurses to join us to problem-solve!

I am adding a day of nurse participation as part of my NICU seminar. Therapists will continue to participate in two days of “NICU Swallowing and Feeding: In the Nursery and After Discharge. But now, on day two, neonatal nurses can join us for just the second day only, devoted to feeding/swallowing intervention! The collaboration and sharing of the evidence-base and perspectives and will add value and insight to what we can accomplish alone. A neonatal nurse I met recently at my New Jersey NICU seminar encouraged me to offer day two as a way to share the evidence base about interventions directly with nurses. The nurses will receive nursing CEUs and we can all benefit from learning along with each other.

It’s called “NICU Feeding Essentials: Using the Evidence-base to Inform Your Nursing Practice”. And what a fun day it will be!
I’m kicking this off starting in August in Orange, California and then in Phoenix in September and in the Chicago area in October. If you have ideas for other seminars to help meet your professional continuing education needs, let me know!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer!

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