Results, of my newest seminar!

Summer is rapidly moving along and it is hard to believe that back to school is upon us! In less than two weeks I’ll be in Orange California, a favorite venue of mine, to teach my 5 day series. I am excited that this will be the first time we will have NICU nurses attending on day two of my NICU seminar. It will be a great way to frame the “intervention” focus of day 2, and build dialogue and shared reflection.

I wanted to share with all of you what a wonderful group I had at the inaugural offering of my newest seminar, The Advanced Clinician in Pediatric Dysphagia, which was held in Dallas in July! We problem-solved some of the latest challenges in peds/neonatal dysphagia and learned from each other. We used differential diagnosis to sort out the issues and develop clinical strategies incorporating multiple approaches. We watched clips of FEES and videos and discussed so many interesting cases, inpatient, outpatient, schools and home health. The passion in the room was evident and I left with a renewed sense of joy in the work we are blessed to do, and how good it felt to have a forum to appreciate and enhance our critical thinking skills.

Reminds me of a comment by Dr. Susan Mountin, from the Center for teaching and learning, who said: “There is so much noise in our society. Helping people focus, go deeper and create an element of quiet thought is important in every discipline”. That’s what we did.

Next year I plan to hold the seminar again so each of you has the opportunity to experience what we did. I’ll be announcing my 2015 teaching schedule soon.

For now, enjoy our remaining days of summer and spend some time in quiet reflection. Take time to appreciate the awesome work you do and each day we are blessed to do it. And stay in touch!


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