It’s a rainy day in Florida…

…and cloudy, which is rare. Sort of nice though to just make me want to kick back and relax! The neighborhood children are all back in school and 2014 is more than half gone. What a fast year this has been! My 2015 seminar schedule is almost finalized and I am already looking ahead to 2016.

In 2015 I’ll again be teaching my specialty courses, including “The Early Feeding Skills Assessment Tool: A Guide to Cue-Based feeding in the NICU” in Houston in August, with my colleague and friend, Suzanne Thoyre, PhD, RN. We so enjoy the problem-solving that the nurse and therapist audience experiences watching videos of infants feeding, scoring the EFS and planning infant-guided cue-based feeding care. Michele Clouse, who teaches her course “Tracheostomy and Swallowing: Pediatrics to Adult” will join us in Houston and bring her down to earth hands on approach to trachs that past attendees remark makes such good sense. I’ll also teach my one day “Pediatric Videoswallow Studies” seminar in Houston since that’s been highly requested. Our focus will be on physiology and its impairment in infants and children, not just on aspiration.

You will also find me in Wilmington DE in September 2015 where I’ll offer my newest seminar “The Advanced Clinician in Pediatric Dysphagia”. Its first offering in Dallas this year was so well received, and attended by both seasoned and new clinicians. What the group liked best was the opportunity to go into depth on both hot topics and their own case studies, and share clinical insights. We all waked away with our brains “on fire” from thinking and problem-solving. It’s so important that we have the tools to provide expert consults these days, as that is truly the value we add to our patients’ care. To do that, we need well-honed problem-solving skills to complete a differential of what is going on, consider multiple co-morbidities and a range of interventions. It’s the way we leave an impression with our medical colleagues that leaves them thinking about YOU, “The next time I have a challenging pediatric patient, I want HER/HIS input!”

More to come regarding my 2015 schedule soon….including the West Coast, North Carolina, Dallas and other exciting places. Let me know if you’d like me to consider coming to your hospital in the future.

Have a great weekend!


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