October 2014 Updates from Catherine Shaker

As my traveling comes to a close for 2014, I look forward to some relaxation and time to catch my breath! Today in Florida it is breezy sunny and cool — 79 degrees!) My German Shepherds were happy to get out for a long walk in the early morning sunshine and enjoy nature with me. After I finish this update, I am headed outside to relax on the lanai by the pool with my husband and watch the palm trees sway!

The next few months of “R & R” let me recharge and also focus on catching up on things at home and time to write. My teaching schedule will resume in May 2015 and it will be a packed year with lots of opportunities to share my passion and dialogue with you. My schedule should be finalized soon so watch for the announcement on my website. If you are interested in having me bring my seminars to your facility/community, send me an e-mail and let me know some details and why. I enjoy getting across the country and having the opportunity to learn about the work you do. I hope if we have not met, that our paths will cross in 2015!

ASHA is right around the corner. If you are attending this year in Orlando, be sure to stop by to say hello at my presentation on Thursday November 20th on Cue-Based Feeding. It is always rewarding to share my passion with fellow SLPs and have an opportunity to contribute to my colleagues’ practice.

As the holiday season gets closer, enjoy the preparation and be sure to take time to relax.


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