Time is so precious…

Today was time to stop and rest. Relaxing has a way of letting your mind wander and mine did.

The start of my 2015 teaching is around the corner and this weekend I took time to just sit and read again the many feedback forms completed by all of you after attending my seminars last year. I like to do this at the start of each seminar season for many reasons. It reminds me to always keep my thinking fresh, well-grounded in the lasts research and re-ignites my focus on bringing you the best learning opportunities I can.

You may have noticed that my 2015 brochure now features the theme “discover, teach, inspire” which has always been my guiding force. And this year that is my continued goal. Whether I meet you at my seminars, through NANT, through Feeding Matters, through ASHA’s List Serve or maybe through YouTube in the future, I am committed to inspire you to be your best and to be the force of change for the children and families whose lives you touch. Whether I inspire you to move toward more infant-guided feeding in the NICU, to better support an NICU graduate in your community clinic, to establish more joy in feeding for the trached infant/toddler with a PMV, to help wean the 5 year old off a GTube, to work even more collaboratively with the school nurse or pulmonologist, or support more positive feedings for both family and child with sensory-motor differences, thank you for the opportunity to be part of the valuable work you do every day. The examples of the good work you do are endless, as are the opportunities for me to inspire my colleagues in this year ahead.

I decided to start a Testimonials TAB on my website to share the gratitude and inspiration. Stay in touch for more feedback and send me yours if I have touched your professional life in ways that matter. I’d love to share it.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015!


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