Seminars in Seattle

What a fabulous time I had teaching in Seattle at Seattle Children’s for 5 days. The west coast weather was fresh and breezy with none of the humidity of Orlando! Therapists from across the US attended, from as far away as Alaska and New York. It’s amazing how the same professional issues, the same clinical challenges and the same love of pediatric patients brings us together and sustains us in tough times. We problem-solved navigating thickening and not thickening, use of the PMV, considerations for feeding on CPAP/HFNC and the latest data, changing the culture of feeding in the NICU, novel ways to approach use of the tools of the trade (bottles/nipples, spoons, cups, straws) and so many interesting cases. I was honored to have Wolf and Glass, both we well-respected and internationally known NICU OTs, join us. It was memorable to discuss both our common and varied perspectives and walk away renewed by clinical questions. The five days was an opportunity for all of us as a group to advance our critical thinking and discuss key issues. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions”.

Now its time to focus on traveling to Houston mid-August to teach at Texas Children’s Hospital. I’ll be offering my NICU and Pediatric Videoswallow Studies seminars, as well as the Tracheostomy and Swallowing: Pediatrics to Adult seminar taught by Michele Clouse. She is known nationally for her clinical expertise with complex pediatric and adult patients requiring tracheostomy. I am also excited to have the chance to connect with Chantal Lau who is a part of the TCH staff supporting NICU. Her NICU research and writings have informed NICU practice, and her new self-paced bottle, in development, intrigues me. I so look forward to connecting with other therapists who share my passion for feeding and swallowing. In the meantime I’ll keep busy continuing work on a new manuscript for publication reflecting my current interests in neuroprotection and feeding.

As the summer passes all too quickly, I am reminded that the best way to live life is to pay full-throttle attention to our passions, our blessings and to each and every moment. And so it is time now to relax, and appreciate both this beautiful day and my family.

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