Seminar Schedule for 2018…

I am pleased to announce my Seminar Schedule for 2018. I am thrilled to be crossing the US this year again, and looking forward to meeting many new and familiar faces. All of us with one thing in common….helping our babies feed safely with infant-guided support and helping our kids eat in ways that build skill and joy in eating for a lifetime. So much exciting new research I am looking forward to sharing, and bringing my key learnings from my many patients over the past year. Our pediatric hospital continues to grow, and with it, so many opportunities for me to work with physician specialists, and infants and children through teenage years with complex feeding and swallowing problems. Many babies, kids and families touched my heart this year and I am thankful for the year ahead to continue to discover, teach and inspire.  As I celebrate 41 years as a pediatric SLP, I am grateful for you and your dedication to our kids. I hope our paths cross in 2018!

I am offering my unique and guided NICU training,  my Pediatric Feeding/Swallowing seminar that provides the essentials for practice, my Video Swallow Studies seminar that brings a dynamic approach to the pediatric swallow pathway. Also offering my Cue-based Feeding seminar which will feature a train-the-trainer focus this year with tons of infant feeding videos and discussion for learning.  New will be a one day Advance Pediatric Dysphagia seminar that brings together interactive case studies and complex problem-solving to make you a stronger clinician. Hope you can join us!

Click on the secure link below to take a peek at my 2018 Seminar Schedule.

2018 Catherine Shaker Seminars


Research Corner: Assessment Tools for Evaluation of Oral Feeding in Infants Younger Than 6 Months

Britt F. Pados , PhD, RN, NNP-BC ; Jinhee Park , PhD, RN et Advances in Neonatal Care • Vol. 16, No. 2 • pp. 143-150 (2016)

Abstract: Eighteen assessment tools met inclusion criteria. Of these, 7 were excluded because of limited available literature or because they were intended for use with a specific diagnosis or in research only. There are 11 assessment tools available for clinical practice. Only 2 of these were intended for bottle-feeding. All 11 indicated that they were appropriate for use with breastfeeding. None of the available tools have adequate psychometric development and testing.

 Implications for Practice: All of the tools should be used with caution. The Early Feeding Skills Assessment and Bristol Breastfeeding Assessment Tool had the most supportive psychometric development and testing.

 Implications for Research: Feeding assessment tools need to be developed and tested to guide optimal clinical care of infants from birth through 6 months. A tool that assesses both bottle- and breastfeeding would allow for consistent assessment across feeding method.