Experienced NICU Therapists: Live CE Opportunity January 22, 2022

Join Catherine for live interactive Q and A, and dynamic problem-solving sessions via Zoom!

All Things NICU Feeding: Problem-Solving Your Babies, Clinical and Team Issues

WHEN:     January 22, 2022       12-3 PM (EST) $ 120.00

3 contact hours    0.3 ASHA CEUs

NICU therapists typically encounter patients who are complex and require critical thinking and analysis. The All Things NICU Feeding webinar can help problem-solve your complex cases, practice issues and therapist-physician relationships.

Join a master NICU clinician for live interactive and dynamic problem-solving sessions. Benefit from Catherine Shaker’s more than 36 years’ experience in large level III and IV NICUs.

Each Zoom session will be unique, consider new cases, and with a different group of colleagues joining in to learn along with each other. Perfect for the experienced NICU clinician searching for an advanced level of problem-solving for complex cases and professional issues. Bring your patients, your daily challenges, and your questions.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants to allow for extended discussion and questions.

All Things NICU Webinar brochure

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Feedback from recent attendees:

“LOVE your abundant use of the current literature/evidence-based approach.”

“Attending this webinar is turning my attention back to research, I often neglect to utilize research frequently in my daily practice and I loved all the articles discussed and mentioned.”                                                                                                              

“It was so refreshing to hear how Catherine approaches clinical problems. It was also nice to hear from other clinicians. It made me feel more confident in my own clinical reasoning and less alone in the NICU world! Got to hear more advanced clinical reasoning and approaches rather than the more introductory-level information given in typical courses and that is amazing!”

“I am the only SLP in our NICU and don’t have the advantage of ‘bouncing ideas’ off another SLP in the unit.  So, this was a great opportunity to hear how others problem solve their patients.  I also feel like it reinforced and validated why I take the precautions I do with infants, despite the pushback from nurses and neonatologists.  Sometimes you start questioning your own decision making when everyone else seems to be thinking a different way or having different priorities in treating these infants.”

“I would absolutely recommend this webinar to my colleagues. Will try to do this again when you offer them.  I’m a big fan!  I have based most of my intervention on your articles and blog posts.”

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