Catherine Shaker Seminars: Wrapping Up 2023 in Boston

During 2023, I traveled from the heartland to the East coast, and met some amazing people along the way. From past colleagues who joined me in Miami, to the dedicated team at Riley Children’s Hospital, to the NICU nurses who learned along with STs/ OTs/PTs at my Cue based Feeding seminar, to the staff and children at Elizabeth Seton Children’s, and the dynamic team at Boston Childrens. From all coasts, therapists joined us to share our common passion for neonatal/pediatric feeding and swallowing. So many remarked about the gift of being in the same room, networking and enjoying higher-level conversations with each other and the group. From deep dives across multiple components of assessment and intervention, to practical solutions and case problem-solving, to considering the impact of the current research on our practice and navigating the practice challenges each of us faces on a daily basis. We each left feeling renewed.

I am finalizing next year’s schedule, which will take me across the US. Sign up for my blog on my website to receive a notification when my 2024 Seminar schedule is posted.

I continue to be grateful for each of you who shares my passion for neonatal/pediatric swallowing and feeding. I hope our paths cross in 2024!



Some of my favorite comments over the year:

“I have been waiting for an advanced course where we could all interact and learn from each other. I finally found it. I might even come again next year and participate with a different group. Such great problem-solving about so many different types of pediatric patients. Thank you! Veronica, SLP

 “Thanks for being such a spark to help me keep learning! I learned more in two hours than I did in four days at a different conference. Thanks too for your willingness to both objectively discuss and answer questions about things with which you both agree with and disagree.” Emma, SLP

 “I came away with so many strategies and a better understanding of what to look for when working with a child. Really helped me look at the whole picture”. Priscilla, OTR

 “Your course is a huge bang for my buck! Honestly invaluable. Your real-life experiences helped apply the research and knowledge you shared. And for referencing so many other excellent professionals working in the field. Really filled in the blanks for me”. Kerry, SLP

“Even for someone like me who doesn’t do VFSS, I learned so much about the biomechanics of the pediatric swallow that now can inform my treatment”. Leana, SLP




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