Welcome to my website where I share my passion for neonatal/pediatric swallowing and feeding!

Visit often to hear about current research that impacts our delivery of care, join me for problem-solve patients from neonates to school-aged children, and for answers to your questions along the way. And to check my schedule.

My seminars reflect my passion for life-long collaborative learning that is grounded in family-centered care. Seminars and webinars are each designed to bring you the current evidence-base, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment approaches, and networking with other passionate skilled professionals. My goal is to provide you with meaningful and memorable interactions with highly respected instructors who are leaders in the field regarding challenging patients and professional practice issues.

I appreciate your interest in learning along with me and remain committed to providing exceptional opportunities to do so, both in person and virtually.  As I meet new colleagues from across the globe during my live interactive webinar All Things NICU Feeding, feedback has been wonderful. I hope you can join me for the next offering on January 22nd.

Take a look at my 2022 seminar schedule for onsite and live webinar opportunities. If you sign up for my blog on any page of my website, you will receive a notification when new offerings launch and when registration for my onsite 2022 seminars opens.

If you are interested in live onsite training for your therapy team or NICU, please let me know!

I hope our paths cross down the road. I am more thankful than ever for the opportunity to share my passion and look forward to meeting you!


Catherine S Shaker, MS/CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Board Certified Specialist – Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders
Pediatric Resources Inc.


Disclaimer regarding advice offered in problem-solving posts: All children are unique. The information provided, and suggestions offered, should be taken as only general advice. This advice is consistent with best practice in pediatric dysphagia, but any post on my blog is not a substitute for a thorough evaluation of the patient in person by a trained experienced pediatric therapist in consultation with the pediatrician and other medical professionals involved in the child’s care.


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