Thanks for being such a spark to help me keep learning! I learned more in two hours than I did in four days at a different conference. Thanks too for your willingness to both discuss and answer questions about things you both agree with and disagree with. Emma, SLP

I came away with so many strategies and a better understanding of what to look for when working with a child. Really helped me look at the whole picture. Priscilla, SLP

Loved the current research. Your course will definitely improve our methods/interpretation/recommendations for VFSS and our conversations with the docs! Maura, SLP

Even for someone like me who doesn’t do VFSS, I learned so much about the biomechanics of the pediatric swallow that now can inform my treatment. Leana, SLP

Dynamic speaker. So easy to follow, and a down to earth presenter with a wealth of knowledge, even for experienced co-workers. So much learning that isn’t available in online CEUs. Emily, SLP

Each time I see you I learn so much that I can in turn share with my grad students and put it immediately into practice. Excellent videos.  Danica, SLP

The course provided me with a tool kit of knowledge and ideas to start our outpatient feeding clinic. And you definitely added to the “why” I have been searching for after shadowing an experienced SLP. Brianne, SLP

Your course is a huge bang for my buck! Honestly invaluable. Your real-life experiences helped apply the research and knowledge you shared. And for referencing so many other excellent professionals working in the field. Really filled in the blank for me. Kerry, SLP

The knowledge I gained, and the research presented will improve my own practice but also how I support carryover and consistency among caregivers in the NICU. Brittany, OTR

You are an excellent communicator. Thanks for sharing such valuable knowledge in such a down to earth way. I love your passion for the babies and the families you work with.  Carla, OTR

Now I better understand the infant’s stress cues during feeding and my role –and ability to avert those stress cues over time. I really appreciate the role models and tips on communicating with families, docs and nurses. Michelle, SLP

I will never look at feeding babies the same way again! So glad to finally get to one of your courses. Thank you for your lifelong time, energy and passions dedicated to therapeutic intervention in the NICU. You have paved the way for many of us and it is greatly appreciated! Micha, SLP

I have attended numerous feeding conferences on the NICU, but Catherine Shaker and Suzanne Thoyre are by far the best instructors; easy to follow/understand and provide so much applicable information and research to back it up. I plan to train our nurses and further develop our cue-based feeding program with what I learned. Beth, SLP

The role model of nurse and therapist collaboration provided by Dr. Thoyre and Ms. Shaker was excellent. Mind expanding course. Active participation by all, sharing and learning together opportunities. Loved personal examples from presenters and their willingness to show their vulnerability and fallibility. Many videos and pictures and audio of real time feeding observations and problem-solving. Linda, SLP

I learned strategies I can immediately apply in the NICU. The course promotes confidence in observation skills and problem-solving. Reinforced need to continue to and ways to work for collaboration within NICU team. Cathy, SLP

This Advanced class is packed with so much good knowledge and research with practical information! Angela, SLP

It’s nice to know that even experienced therapists don’t have all the answers and need to problem solve and dialogue with others. I liked Catherine’s discussion “system-based thinking” when trying to differentially diagnose the reason why something might be happening. Loved the increased confidence this course gave me! It filled in lots of gaps. Violet, SLP

I truly appreciate you sharing your years of knowledge, understanding and experience with us. I loved how you taught in a passionate, calm and humble manner. You have encouraged me to continue to “wonder” and have intellectual curiosity so I can be a lifelong learner like you. Thank you so much. Michi, SLP 

This was the first “advanced” course I’ve attended that did not waste time reviewing “beginner” info. Most advanced courses do not provide functional therapy ideas or go into such high-level detail and with different evidence-based approaches in such a dynamic way! Anita, SLP

Real time clinical problem-solving and how I can take pieces from a variety of approaches and individualize them for the infants and children I treat. Loved the group discussion and the up-to-date research. Stephanie, OTR

I appreciated hearing how others are problem solving similarly to you improves confidence in treatment plans, and learned a lot from the case presentations, dynamic discussions, and discussion of evidence-base for feeding recommendations. Christine, SLP

I am so amazed how you seemed to incorporate everyone’s questions and concerns throughout the talk.  You were also great at responding to questions throughout and honing on people’s strengths.  Looking at the infant’s history and how this could be an indicator for future feeding issues, but not to put any baby in a box, to look at each baby as an individual. I definitely got some clinical gems to keep elevating my practice! Yvonne, OTR

I felt empowered by this course! Speakers were very engaging and easy to learn from. One of the best CEUs I have taken. Rachel, SLP

Catherine’s Swallow Studies course was the most detailed education I have had related to the dynamic interaction of the oral, pharyngeal and esophageal phases and how they play on one another. Her breadth of well-rounded knowledge and ability to easily relate it to practice is wonderful. She is so approachable which makes it a comfortable environment. Lisa, OTR

Catherine is a celebrity in the feeding world but remains down to earth! So easy to learn from. Tons of information and a wealth of knowledge. Alyssia, SLP

As a traveling SLP, I learned so much. Thanks for how you validate whomever you talk to or asks a question. You always framed your answers/comments to provide info while making us feel valued, here in your training, in SIG 13, everywhere! It’s such a valued skill. Lindsay, SLP

As an SLP with over 15 years’ experience in pediatrics, I would recommend any of your courses to those beginning or at an advanced level, as the courses are filled with the current evidence-base and problem-solving! Cathy SLP

The 5 days was amazing! My brain hurts in the most fabulous way! I really appreciated the interactive nature of my learning, Rebecca, SLP

So many things I appreciated in the Advanced course! picture examples, the variety of diagnoses covered, planned times for questions, case discussions, anecdotal stories to help with understanding, and so much foundational research for each topic. Maggie, SLP  

I loved that the Advanced course focused on a variety of diagnoses that are relevant to various settings (acute, outpatient, early intervention) and helped my use my critical thinking skills to problem-solve. Alyssa, OTR

I think the critical thinking you walked us through in the Advanced course is invaluable for anyone seeing infants and children with feeding needs. Elizabeth, SLP

Catherines’ courses have been a cornerstone of my education since transitioning form adults to peds several years ago. They have provided foundational and up to date information (research and clinical) needed to work with our babies and kiddos. Marnie, SLP

Your organization of the differential diagnosis was phenomenal. The course touched on so many excellent topics. I feel like I now have more information about the “why”. Julie, SLP

Catherine is a treasure chest of knowledge, but still shows so much humility and inclusivity, always embracing and encouraging participant input. Going through the case studies was such a valuable learning tool. Really helped to synthesize many areas of the PFD puzzle!  Loved the dynamic discussion. Ramya, SLP

The Advanced course will help all my kiddos because it will help me to think more critically and use more creative problem-solving. The info presented was so heavily based in research and solid critical thinking in so many case studies that I feel confident recommending it to anyone. Jordyn, SLP

Thanks for focusing on the why’s and how’s and promoting problem-solving and critical thinking when it comes to our kids. Tammy, SLP

The information presented by Catherine in the VFSS course was so well researched. I feel confident that I can add all of this info to my clinical knowledge, and I know where to find more info (via the many citations)! Kari, SLP

This course gave me information I needed to work with the variety of diagnoses and co-morbidities I see with dysphagia. I feel so much more equipped to treat, and to use the research provided, to help the complex children that come through our doors. Anne, OTR

I learned more in these two days than in my entire graduate level Pediatric Dysphagia course! I really appreciated the amount of evidence shared and the continual modeling of problem-solving that needs to happen in our daily work, no matter what the setting! Hayley, SLP

My background is in acute adult setting and the Advanced course has exceeded my expectations! It explained key components of pediatric dysphagia to help me make the transition to the peds world! I liked how Catherine encouraged the audience to comment, engage and ask questions, and was so approachable. I especially enjoyed the discussions and case studies with the more experienced clinicians in the group! Daniela, SLP

I took so much away but the key takeaways for me: remember to look at the whole child, the whole picture, considering co-morbidities, when navigation diagnosis and treatment of infants and children with dysphagia. Camille, OTR

As an outside provider (not in a hospital doing VFSS), this was great info on how I can communicate what I’m looking for and why I’m recommending a VFSS. The time watching videos of swallow studies helped my brain process the reports I read when I can’t be at the actual study in person. Minnie, SLP 

Attending this webinar is turning my attention back to research, I often neglect to utilize research frequently in my daily practice and I loved all the articles discussed and mentioned. Laura, SLP 

It’s so helpful to hear Catherine talk us through the process of presenting concern, differential, assessment, and communication with the team and parents. I also love that, given her breadth and depth of experience, she can so seamlessly adjust webinar content to the questions/topics brought by the attendees.  Kerry, SLP

One of my greatest take-aways from the webinar is the importance of knowing and understanding how the infant’s systems (i.e., neuro, respiratory, sensory-motor, etc.) and co-morbidities contribute to the baby’s feeding problems. That even the caregiver’s interaction can affect the baby’s response to feeding. Kyna, SLP

I would recommend the NICU Webinar to any therapist regardless of experience.  The course is different each time based on the participants. It is totally applicable to my daily NICU practice, and I was able to enact changes immediately upon returning to work. David, SLP

Catherine’s Advanced Dysphagia course exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel so much more confident and particularly bolstered by all the literature and concepts, and have so many new ideas for teaching parents, nurses and physicians. Elizabeth, SLP

It was so refreshing to hear how Catherine approaches clinical problems. It was also nice to hear from other clinicians. It made me feel more confident in my own clinical reasoning and less alone in the NICU world! Got to hear more advanced clinical reasoning and approaches rather than the more introductory-level information given in typical courses and that is amazing! Alix, SLP

I am the only SLP in our NICU and don’t have the advantage of ‘bouncing ideas’ off another SLP in the unit.  So, this was a great opportunity to hear how others problem solve their patients.  I also feel like it reinforced and validated why I take the precautions I do with infants, despite the pushback from nurses and neonatologists.  Sometimes you start questioning your own decision making when everyone else seems to be thinking a different way or having different priorities in treating these infants. Kristin, SLP

Great information with evidence-based practice. Catherine so knowledgeable and approachable. Great experience! Rachel, SLP

This is the most comprehensive conference on NICU feeding I’ve attended. After almost 20 years in the NICU, this gave me a number of new skills to add to my toolbox. Philomena, OTR

Gave me insight into what may have happened to my NICU grads prior to entering EI and further information on where to go forward in therapy. Also, what the families have been through – so important to understand! The references and articles and evidence-based practice so helpful. Kristen, SLP

This course was so well thought out, transitioned well between topics and gave evidence-based support/reasoning for everything. I am so appreciative. I feel so much more prepared. Danielle, Graduate student SLP

I now understand the importance of co-morbidities and focusing on function, considering the whole child and the team! Mary, SLP

Catherine had a great way of effectively presenting information through multiple modalities. The x-ray stills, videos of so many different etiologies and the case studies in radiology have tremendously increased my confidence with pediatric MBSS. Heather, SLP

The most swallow study videos with the greatest variety I have seen. It helped to see normal and disordered swallowing and better understand how to problem-solve I radiology. Erika, SLP

What a great course on pediatric swallow studies. Now I know to think physiology, not just aspiration and penetration!! Yeah! Samantha, SLP

Thorough, engaging and practical courses, immediately relevant. Michelle, SLP

Great information for therapists to build a clinical foundation to support children and their families. Jessica, SLP

I obtained an abundance of valuable information that will make me feel confident treating infants and children. Reina, SLP

So many questions answered, and ideas verified about swallow studies! I am now well-versed on interpreting a pediatric VFSS. My infants will immediately benefit by a better POC post-study. Erin, SLP

This course gave a great perspective on how to effectively determine and describe a disruption in swallow physiology for parents, physicians and other professionals. I loved the video examples! Rachel, SLP

I would absolutely recommend this webinar to my colleagues. Will try to do this again when you offer them.  I’m a big fan!  I have based most of my intervention on your articles and blog posts. Evan, SLP

Multiple valuable topics were addressed in the webinar, including the process for creating a differential, how to problem solve with others in your work environment, key research studies and how to reference them when talking to physician and team members, new research I was unaware of and new terminology I am now using in my everyday practice. Shelli, SLP

I especially enjoyed how Catherine gave a base set of information/facts/research, then explained her critical thinking process through the case/scenario, and then it was followed by everybody’s discussion related to the case. The format of discussion and answers in the webinar was so helpful for learning on many levels! Kaitlin, OTR

The most current and up to date Trach information. Even as a more experienced clinician, I still learned new information. Kept my attention the entire two days! Brandi, SLP

Approachable instructors who were informative and personable. Resources and open format for discussion appreciated Kelly, SLP

All the up-to-date information will allow me to provide the highest quality care I can. Janelle, SLP

Very well organized and gives a great foundation for pediatric practice. Amber, SLP

Even as an SLP who doesn’t currently provide swallow studies I have gained such valuable information on how to gain the most information from the studies. Diana, SLP

The swallow studies course is an excellent synthesis of the dynamic aspects of pediatric swallowing and an exquisite ay to transition to VFSS. Monique, SLP

I can immediately apply what I learned. That is rare. Stacie, OTR

Very knowledgeable speaker, great research provided then taken into real world practice. Jessica, SLP

I am surprised and enlightened by how much I have learned considering I have been doing pediatric VFSS’s for 15 years! Natasha, SLP

Tons of great information about development and why preemies do what they do when they feed, and how to help them. Scott, SLP

I loved the way you discussed issues that are salient to NICU feeding (e.g, pacing, nipple flow rate, professional collaboration), but with beautiful nuggets of information and with most recent research articles and points, as well as scripting examples of problem solving with other professionals.  Colleen, SLP                                                                                                             

Catherine does an excellent job looking at the entire child and supporting safe swallowing function. Barbara, SLP

I appreciated the concepts that the swallow is a dynamic system and how our evaluations should be “doing a differential” just like the docs do. Aimee, SLP

Now I know not to use arbitrary number of times to do something in treatment but to listen to the infant or the child. Melissa, OTR

I now understand many levels of evidence base, and also a how being in “the grey zone” is ok and in fact it good! Thanks, Catherine! This seminar unifies sound principles from a broad range of disciplines in order to guide you to think critically, form impressions and develop a plan of care. Theresa, OTR 

Refined and fine-tuned my knowledge-base! Debbie, SLP

Very educational and deals with the “big picture” of pediatric feeding (safety, family and staff education, respiration, positioning, etiologies etc.) Very excited to share all I have learned! Jessica, OTR

I could have listened for hours soaking in all the knowledge and experience that was brought to the webinar! Karen, PT

I am just starting my VFSS training, and this course will help tremendously! A wonderful opportunity to consider differentials for many different clinical presentations. Jennifer, SLP

The mix of EBP and personal experience by Ms. Shaker was so helpful. I now have a better understanding of both neonatal and pediatric physiology. Kayla, SLP

I liked hearing about how the phases of swallowing relate and the focus on physiology not just aspiration. The case reviews and sample reports helped pull it together for me. Allison, SLP

The information gained in this conference would benefit anyone performing VSS because of the experience shared from the speaker and the research shared. Beth, SLP

The course updated my current practice and research base and gave me a better understanding of the breadth and depth of issues/factors that need to be considered pre and post VFS. Trina, SLP

I liked the organization and presentation of the course. It was full of valuable and clinically applicable information. Jessica, SLP

Such great insights for a new CF who is training in swallow studies! Bonnie, SLP

My brain is trying to soak up all the excellent information to put into practice! Marla, SLP

Catherine’s presentation and material was thoughtfully prepared so that I can take what I’ve learned today and put it into practice tomorrow! Kristin, SLP

Very thorough with evidence-based research. Inspires you to also critically think, keeping the whole child in mind when making recommendations based on findings. Amber, SLP

It strengthened my critical thinking skills exploring causes, relationships between deficits, risks and benefits to decisions in care. Helped me be more mindful about how conservative I may need to be with some children versus with others, based on co-morbidities. Karen, SLP

What a great foundation for me! The information is awesome. Micha, SLP

Instructors so approachable. Even though I don’t so swallow studies on my kids, this will help me understand the findings and now to apply them to treatment. Hayley, SLP

The course was amazing. Loved the info on A& P and having so many studies to watch and discuss. Holly, SLP

 I have been practicing in the NICU for 15 years and I always learn something new when I hear you speak. Participating in this webinar is also reassuring that I am doing a lot of things right – as you would do! Thank you so much. I really appreciated the webinar.  Kelly,  SLP

One of the best conferences I have been to in a long time! I liked the expertise of the presenters, the hands on, and ability to ask questions and have them answered. I can go back to work on Monday and use this information!! Cindy, OTR

A very comprehensive course on pediatric feeding. I feel more confident in my skills and better able to recommend/talk to doctors and families. Lisa, OTR

Loved seeing all the current tools/products and the great ideas for how to use them in therapy. I also learned techniques that will work much better than what I have been doing!! Tiffany, SLP

The information will greatly benefit all the kids on my caseload form medically fragile to those with autism. It will help me think outside the box. Yesenia, OTR

I am much more aware of stress during feeding and what might cause it so I can intervene and promote more positive long-term learning. That is amazing. Kathy, OTR

The course provides a great foundation for treating pediatric swallowing and feeding problems. The videos, pictures and demos helped a lot. Thanks for the spiral bound handout for notetaking. Haley, SLP

I would definitely recommend this course for fellow OTs to gain further knowledge on feeding and swallowing and to support collaboration between disciplines by looking at the whole child. Jillian, OTR

As a CFY, this seminar series has been a fabulous way to add to my skill set. Casey, SLP

I take a lot of CE courses and I would rate this as one of the best. Catherine and Theresa’s knowledge base and how they presented the material has increased my confidence and skill! Laura, SLP

Packed full of great information. Many tools for feeding both infants and older children. Karlee, OTR

We are currently building a feeding program, and this will help tremendously. So many wonderful facts and ideas. Jessica, SLP

Very informative course on many levels. Excellent presenters, high level of instruction. Judy, SLP

Gained a deeper knowledge of factors that I haven’t given enough thought to in treatment and am more aware of current tools/trends in feeding/swallowing. I love that you spent so much time on intervention. Eva, SLP

Great inclusion of sensory components of feeding, not normally touched on in courses. April, OTR

Gave me increased confidence working with kids with aversions. Elizabeth, SLP

Due to the minimal amount of pediatric information relayed in my graduate program, I am so thankful for this course. I can now enter my internship at Colorado Children’s with a solid foundation. Samantha, Graduate Student SLP

Good foundational information and practical techniques. Your courses were recommended by colleagues who have already attended. I feel much more confident as I move forward with hands-on training in the hospital. Ashley, SLP

The course will make me more thorough in observing postural/oral-motor skills, sensory components and then bringing all the details together to make a plan of care. Elizabeth, OTR

As an experienced clinician, I liked being able take my knowledge and move it one step further. Brooke, SLP

I am now much better able to ask questions as I reflect and gain more differential diagnosis indicators. As a mentos to newer clinicians, this course will help guide my training plans. Leslie, SLP

The video clips of infants feeding narrated by Catherine in the Cue-based course really facilitated my assessment of feeding, particularly the combining of the sound providing the auditory stress cues. Information from Dr. Thoyre about polyvagal theory and its application to preterm feeding was fascinating. Will use this information to teach our graduate students. This was a great conference. Very thorough and systematic, probably my most favorite ever. Rachel, PhD, OTR

LOVE Catherine’s abundant use of the current literature/evidence-based approach. The webinar Helped me take my clinical problem solving in the NICU to the next level. Amelia, OTR

The EFS is a wonderful tool. I can’t wait to get back to my NICU and incorporate it. Loved the cue-based research and foundation provided and the scoring of so many video examples to help hone my skills. Brenda, SLP

I like the common language about feeding that the EFS provides as we describe feeding skills and behaviors in infant. Greatly improved my ability to read and understand infant cues. Adrienne, OT

Loads of information packaged in a user-friendly and supportive collegial way. Sally, SLP

Reinforced neuroprotective care and supported need to change NICU culture and gave us tools to do so!! Wish our entire team could attend. Maura, SLP

Both Catherine and Suzanne were so well spoken. Videos combined with group analysis and then larger group discussion were so helpful. Refreshing to attend a course that could truly answer so many questions that I had. Jessica, SLP

I have a better understanding of what the babies are communicating when they are feeding. Such great concrete examples through videos to learn infant cues, physiology, breathing, swallowing and then capture through the EFS. With the visuals and discussion of each part of the assessment, I have a great understanding of scoring so I can teach co-workers, so we are all using the same language to describe what we see. Lauren, SLP

The Cue-based course is comprehensive, collaborative and includes the latest research. It is so relevant to daily challenges in the NICU and increased my knowledge base to teach staff and families. Alyson, SLP

The breadth of material/subtopics covered was amazing. My families and co-workers now have a more competent clinician working with and advocating for them. The course was highly informational. Colleen, SLP

The course was well-organized. Presenters were knowledgeable and low key. Ideas were highly practical and group involvement was open and flexed. Maureen, SLP

As an SLP, I would highly recommend this course to my OT and PT colleagues. Sara, SLP

Worth the trip from Canada! Very informative but not “over my head” with theory that cannot be readily applied. Christine, OTR

I have a bigger toolkit for improved outcomes! Tracy, OTR

The NICU course was such a foundation of information. Gave me the confidence to help parents become better problem-solvers and feeders. I appreciated the videos and Catherine sharing her passion for and expertise with this population! Martin, SLP

Content was extremely thorough and well-presented. Will be able to apply all evidence-based techniques to my NICU feedings. Information is invaluable. Rachel, SLP

This course is a “must” of you work in an NICU! I am excited to implement the infant-guided co-regulated approach with my NICU colleagues. Paige, SLP

The NICU course provided good anecdotal evidence as well as current research to support or challenge practices that currently exist. It’s also easy to it through two days because of Catherine’s style of presentation and ability to keep you engaged. Delisa, PT

Catherine is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful teacher. Jennifer, OTR

I liked your professionalism and ability to describe the challenging dialogue we often need to have with physicians and nurses. The quantity of evidence-based research was amazing. Teresa, SLP

Thanks for the extensive bibliography and resources to help us justify and defend our professional role in the NICU. The discussion on documentation has helped me move away from listing my observations to now being ready to tie it all together in a clear cohesive manner. Stephanie, OTR

The course has taught me to be a better advocate for my NICU babies and families. Any NICU therapist can benefit from taking your course! Joelle, SLP

I gained many new tools for assessment and intervention. The material was very applicable to our NICU population. I will definitely use the sample progress notes and evaluation clips, and goal samples provided. Lacy, OTR

I would indeed recommend this course to my colleagues. It changed a lot of things that will be implemented in my practice and thinking. Dana, SLP

This was wonderful sharing of the evidence and your experiences! I have immediate interventions and “language” to use upon return to my NICU to further the value and effectiveness of therapy services for neuroprotection and developmental support of feeding. Angeline, OTR

I like the message that feeding is a dynamic system. This allows me to make a paradigm shift about feeding infants. Renita, SLP

This information is invaluable to the therapy world. Your passion for working with babies and families is so evident. Thank you for sharing that passion and expertise with us. Isabella, SLP

The focus on differential diagnosis is new to me and makes so much more sense than relying on only protocols, and checklists to guide treatment. Cristina, SLP

Attending this course is for me as an SLP like playing a new piece of music. I had the individual notes but now I have the melody of the music! Have such a better understanding of many concepts from the levels of evidence base to being ok living in the “gray zone” and problem-solving, to communicating with physicians more effectively. Thank you! Julie, SLP

So much real time experience, cases, research to share. Especially appreciated examples of how Catherine educated and navigated challenging scenarios with nurses, physicians and families. Thanks for the research evidence and an amazing learning experience. Linda, SLP

I would definitely recommend this course because the information is evidence-based coupled with a speaker with years of clinical experience. Together made for a dynamic conference! Aimee, OTR

The seminar will benefit me in every way! Stop doing some things, keep doing some things, start doing some things differently! Mary, SLP

The course will empower me to better communicate with our team. Thank you for all the resources and language to use – I loved the way you phrased certain interventions and arguments to assist in advocating for our babies. Kaitlyn, SLP

This comprehensive course provided me with so much vital knowledge for optimal patient care. I enjoyed the discussions about physiology instead of just “aspiration” or “no aspiration.” Katie, SLP

As a new grad in the NICU, this course helped me be more mindful about the infant’s communication. I learned a lot about the complex components involved in infant feeding that I cannot wait to implement into my practice. Rachel, OTR

The webinar is a unique opportunity to problem- solve complex feeding cases among other feeding therapists. I am unaware of similar formats. This format fills a need in neonatal feeding education/professional development.  Amanda, OT

I have never attended a webinar that was set up like this and I thought it fostered a wonderful learning environment. Personally, it made it easier to participate because there were only 30 other people attending. It was great to hear others’ experiences and talk through case studies and it was a unique experience with other neonatal therapists across the country.  Zoe, SLP

I would definitely recommend this webinar to colleagues because it was so helpful to discuss cases and have expert ideas be heard, suggestions and evidenced based research discussed. I really appreciate Catherine’s cited references that we can use to go back and pull to read for ourselves. Lastly, the format was so welcoming by Catherine. She would find positives on a therapist’s case presentation (when they would share a case) and re-iterate those (indicating good active listening) and then would offer further knowledge and advice…never making anyone feel inadequate as a therapist. A most positive and welcoming approach to learning. Thank you! Chanda, SLP

Several of my co-workers recommended Catherine’s course and I am so glad they did! Kristin, SLP

Definitely “next level” education for me as seasoned NICU therapist. Came away with so many new concepts and ideas to modify my practice. Andrea, OTR

Ms. Shaker is very personable, takes time to answer questions and problem-solve. She inspires me! I am the mother of NICU twins and appreciate her compassion for NICU moms and what they go through. I traveled all the way across country to attend her course. She’s the best! Shary, SLP

What a wealth of information. Loved the stopping and starting of videos and pointing out of structures and focus on components of physiology, not just aspiration. Very informative and research supported. Speaker communicates easily and clearly. Martha, SLP

I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn in this course and the skillfulness you bring. Recharged my drive to assess and treat the whole child and the whole system. Thank you so much for your time and dedication and what you are bringing to our field! Caryn, SLP

I would absolutely recommend this NICU webinar to my colleagues because of the diverse cases, topics, and discussions. So helpful to be able to interact and ask questions live. Carmen, SLP 

The All Things NICU Feeding webinar reminded me about the importance of differential diagnosis and incorporating that thought process into my clinical writing. I liked having the discussion brought back to clinical evidence and be provided with those references to pull for further exploration.  Morgan, SLP

The webinar was such a comfortable forum to ask complex questions and obtain great feedback. Janna, SLP

Hearing about other cases similar to my own and the challenges faced either from neonatologists or nursing was refreshing. While I wish we didn’t face these challenges it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Hearing the verbiage Catherine has used to respond to some of these challenges was so helpful!  The webinar is a great way to connect, and problem solve especially for those of us in smaller health systems with fewer staff to bounce ideas/challenges around.  Patricia SLP

I learned just by listening during the webinar to what other clinicians who work in my dream setting (NICU) experience, feel, and think. It was amazing to watch these SLPs think out loud, guided by Catherine, and problem solve through their challenging case studies with her support.  Billi, SLP

Appreciated emphasis on contribution of postural control and alternatives to thickening liquids. Loved the use of visual aids. Perfect pace. Really great lecturer. Easy to listen to. Kara, OTR

Course is full of evidence-based practical information. Encourages critical thinking which is imperative when working with pediatrics. My studies will be more comprehensive. Engaging fun speaker. Shannon, SLP

Lots of videos, lots of research to bring back to team. Appreciated sample outlines for reports and prepping for videos. Now feel confident in being able to delineate WNL from disordered physiology and look at the gestalt. Amy, SLP

I obtained update research and info from a speaker I have long wanted to hear. Everything was covered well. Jessica, SLP

Reminded me of more whole child perspective. Appreciated the patient specific focus versus just protocol-based thinking. Material was presented well, transitioned well. Opportunity to ask questions, clarify. Rachel, SLP

I liked the give and take aspect, allowing us to ask specific questions and bring up our cases. I feel more prepared and can do a more thorough assessment and provide better intervention. Barbara, SLP

Excellent course! Everyone who is working with NICU patients, NICU grads and medically fragile infants/kids needs this information and approach. Jessica, SLP

The Advanced seminar was a rare opportunity to discuss and reflect on current issues and share complex cases with bright capable colleagues, guided by Catherine and Theresa. Sally, SLP

It was great to brainstorm the latest directions in pediatric dysphagia treatment. It will surely help me problem solve my challenging cases more effectively. Marina, SLP

Catherine’s critical thinking and clear way of presenting helped provide information in a way that can be clearly communicated to parents and other medical professionals. Very practical and functional information. Almost every clinician at Boston Children’s Hospital has attended a seminar with Catherine! Jennifer, SLP

Great seminar for anyone completing pediatric videos. As primarily an adult therapist, I learned so much about the changes from infancy through adulthood to help my practice. Kerri, SLP

As an NICU RN, this was wonderful for me. Knowledge is power and now I can share it even more effectively! Nurses being better informed will help us truly implement cue-based feeding in our NICU. Thank you! Joyce, RN

Now I can better advocate for NICU infants knowing what evidence base supports the “why” we do what we do! I can apply the information immediately when going back to my NICU! Lindsey, SLP

Catherine related real life experiences along with the research. I loved the focus on the relationship built around feeding and how to read the infant’s cues during feeding. Now I know how to really “look” at a baby during feeding. Courtney, OTR

Catherine is an excellent presenter! The review of current/new research was wonderful. Cortney, SLP

I can now provide a more accurate interpretation of swallow studies. I have increased ability to integrate information and look at the big picture to make better recommendations. Jennifer, SLP

Very informational. Appreciated style and knowledge of presenters! Meghan, SLP

The down to earth approach very applicable to front line work. There wasn’t one thing I liked best but rather a series of really valuable “ah-ha” moments or insights I can use with my team or in my practice. Nadia, SLP

I read Catherine’s bio and was confident in the potential value of the course and I was not disappointed. Really enjoyed her family focus. Gave me some great things to use in my practice. Steve, OTR

A wide variety of topics, strategies and age ranges covered within 2 days. Allison, OTR

Good content delivered in an easy-to-understand manner. Patrice, SLP

Appreciated the evidence-base and confirmation our team in on the right track. Shirley, SLP

Very clinically applicable. Really felt like I was getting an expert’s perspective. Easy to trust your information and guidance with the evidence presented. Marielle, SLP

Very informative, organized and helpful. Dawn, SLP

Appreciated audio-visuals and real-life tools/examples as well as presenters’ experiences and current research support. Brittney, SLP

It was useful information that I can take and use right away and taught by very knowledgeable, practical, humble presenters. Emily, OTR

Engaging speakers. Loved the in-depth coverage on intervention. Very relevant to my practice setting. Stacy, SLP

Our SLP department recommends your NICU course for all NICU therapists. I really appreciated your personal experience interwoven with lectures, vides and problem-solving. Just what I needed! Tricia, SLP

Wonderful, informative and well-organized course! Sarah, Graduate student

I really loved your “verbiage” and language in your report samples, and the focus on not just aspiration but physiology. Julie, SLP

Gained a great understanding of where babies discharged from NICU are coming from and what they have been through. Appreciate that the course was clinically applicable, the evidence-based, helpful group discussions, presentation of different approaches pros/cons. Nicole, SLP

I loved the morning videos, excellent PowerPoint slides and use of research. Vicki, OTR

I so appreciate your passion for the NICU and your openness to share your knowledge with the world! This is my fourth conference on the NICU and definitely the most beneficial! Christy, SLP

I learned so much. I have been an SLP for 21 years with TBI/stroke and was surprised to find after all this time Catherine opened my eyes to a new professional avenue and broadened my knowledge and professional horizons. Beneficial for critical thinking, regardless of the population you serve. Stacey, SLP

I have more talking points to bring up with caregivers. Liked the networking, finding out how other NICUs manage various issues, and problem-solving. Gained a great understanding of etiologies for feeding issues and what to work on. Kimberly, SLP

I liked that Catherine linked the information in the presentation to real life experiences. I enjoyed the open discussion among clinicians on various topics as it gave me an abundance of knowledge. Catherine is a great role model for me of a passionate clinician who is doing what she is great at and loves. Judy, OTR

Wish the video course could be two days long! Appreciated the approach to swallowing as a dynamic process. You have changed my thinking and made me a better clinician and problem-solver! Irene, SLP

I loved seeing different swallow study samples and analyzing as it is happening. You are a great speaker and clinician. Appreciated the clear differentiation between normal VFSS and typical problems, and importance of assessing each child in the context of their medical presentation. Denise, SLP

Very informative. Great material and awesome/knowledgeable presenter. I feel so much more confident with pediatric studies now. Danielle, SLP

So may videos of different ages and diagnoses. Liked diagrams and case studies and opportunities to pose questions to an expert in the field. Nicole, SLP

Catherine Shaker came highly recommended. I liked the comprehensive and cohesive presentation, the still images and video clips. So much good info. Chris, SLP

Appreciated the extensive review of anatomy and physiology. Just what I needed. You are fabulous at explaining complex material. Kristine, SLP

Packet of relevant information presented in a user-friendly way. Your passion is inspiring! Carla, Pediatric RN

Gave me guidelines to consider all areas impacting feeding and practical solutions to support them. Truly a great course! Erika, OTR

You have helped me be a well-rounded therapist and gave me confidence to provide feeding/swallowing assessments and treatments and ask good questions to guide me. Cynthia, OTR

The course was practical and appropriate for a variety of settings and children. From beginning to end the course provided valuable information, even after my 20+ years as a pediatric SLP. Jessica, SLP

Coming to the Cue-Based course opened my eyes about not pushing our babies and what they have been trying to tell me for so many years. Now I know. Can’t wait to tell my colleagues!  I have been literally afraid of trachs.  After Michele’s course, I have the basic foundation to be a part of our team at my hospital. Tracey, SLP

I have been waiting for an advanced course where we could all interact and learn from each other. I finally found it. I might even come again next year and participate with a different group. Such great problem-solving about so many different types of pediatric patients. Thank you! Veronica, SLP

I have found that most advanced courses aren’t advanced, and with 25 years’ experience I wanted something other than lecture but with updated evidence and the latest approaches. This was a fun two days. Monica, SLP

The course was so comprehensive but presented in a way that wasn’t overwhelming! Megan, SLP

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