Life in the NICU

Life in the NICU

Loss is difficult, loss of a job, a dream or someone you love.

Sadly, by the very nature of working in a hospital, we see heartache and sorrow on a daily basis. Yes, in the NICU there are struggles about feeding, what nipples to use, getting everyone on the same page. But sometimes, we are all on the same page. Our volunteer musician and greeter for our Children’s Hospital wrote the following:

I strolled through the Neonatal ICU and noticed the mood was somber, actually it was just plain sad.  One of the nurses told me her little preemie patient had just died.  The nurses were struggling, as they continued their work, they weren’t able to take time to grieve; yet their hearts were hurting.

Music is healing for me so I took out my ukulele and began singing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” As I started to sing, emotions poured out. I watched as the nurses hugged each other tight, tears in their eyes.  I kept singing but watched in awe.  These wonderful nurses had lost babies before and know the heartache they feel, every time, but they still open their hearts to each little life that comes their way. 

No matter how raw the pain, the NICU team is a “family,” supporting each other in the times of joy and sadness. Without each other, the team would crumble in the rough times, but they don’t. Their bond of love and support keeps them strong.

Our staff should be applauded for their kindness and love but most of all for not losing their humanity in an industry that sees life come and go on a regular basis. 

Its times like this that you feel honored to be a part of the NICU.


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