Wrapping 2017, Looking Forward to 2018

Wrapped up a busy teaching year at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore where they
have an amazing inpatient team that services infants and children from
NICU to burns to psych. Pediatric therapists from around the US joined me
and my colleague, Theresa for a dynamic 5 days of problem-solving,
learning and networking. Now a break for  the holidays and focus on
finalizing my 2018 teaching schedule, which will include Atlanta and
Austin, and likely the  NJ/NY area, Chicago area, and California. Will be
teaching a one day Advanced Pediatric Dysphagia Seminar in Atlanta along
with the Cue-Based Feeding seminar I co-teach with Suzanne Thoyre, RN/PhD,
which includes training on the EFS. The Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding, NICU
Swallowing and Feeding, and the Pediatric Videoswallow seminars will be
offered at all other sites.

Stay tuned for updates. I hope our paths cross in 2018!


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