Scholarship Opportunity: Winner announced!

Dr. Brown’s® Medical recently offered a unique educational opportunity. The “Scholarship Opportunity” was for one individual to attend a week long, three course Catherine Shaker seminar.

Congratulations to Lydia Coley, recipient of The Dr. Brown’s Scholarship to attend the Austin 2018 Shaker Seminars.

With her permission, I am sharing part of her application statement:

“When your heart is all in, experiences vacillate on a pendulum from extreme satisfaction and fulfillment to disheartenment – the latter driving the questions what can change. Illustrating the dichotomy is the family who is receptive to supporting their infant based on a comprehensive team approach where infant and family are the center of care, versus care that leaves any party feeling alienated, conflicted, or dissatisfied. As pediatric practitioners, we’re charged with serving our patients and families in a holistic manner. This means using our hearts to drive ongoing continuous improvements within ourselves, our practices, and our communities, so that each and every experience is optimal.

Clinically, each experience contributes to ongoing change as an opportunity for improvement. I’ve been offered the opportunity to support a medically complex infant in a well-established intensive care unit where all the resources are available, to see how those recommendations evolve when going home to limited resources, to now participating in an environment where clinical resources are emerging–resources of tools, objective measures, literature, clinical research, continuing education, products, family services, and new ways of facilitating collaborative care support personal clinical growth and the services I can provide to my patient, family, team, and extended clinical family.

The more I learn the more I’m inspired by how much more there is to learn!”

Lydia’s message reflects a passion for learning that inspires clinical excellence.                        Congratulations, Lydia!

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