Research Corner: An Overview of Tracheostomy Tubes and Mechanical Ventilation Management

Barnes, G., & Toms, N. (2021). An Overview of Tracheostomy Tubes and Mechanical Ventilation Management for the Speech-Language Pathologist. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 1-12.

This is a wonderful addition to our working knowledge base about tracheostomy. While it is focused on the adult population, it provides quite useful information and clinical reasoning to inform the practice of pediatric therapists.

 Authors’ conclusion:

 SLPs are a vital part of the clinical team for patients with tracheostomies and on ventilators. New SLPs or SLPs new to this population may not have an adequate knowledge base to become an effective part of the clinical team. This clinical focus article, although not all inclusive, is an overview of respiratory considerations, disease processes, medical considerations, and complexities that effect the overall prognosis of tracheotomy and ventilator patients. Basic explanations of tracheostomy tubes, ventilation, and weaning have been provided as well to familiarize SLPs to the terminology. Overall assessment of the patientsmedical conditions, respiratory status, oral condition, speaking valve tolerance, voicing ability, secretion management, swallowing ability, and interventions are outlined to give the SLPs a comprehensive picture of these complex patients. A working knowledge in these areas is crucial for SLPs to become effective members of the clinical team involved in facilitating the patientsrecovery. It is highly recommended that this clinical focus article be a starting  point and encourage SLPs new to this population to further their knowledge base with education courses, hands-on training, and review of current literature related to tracheostomy and ventilated patients.

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