Celebrating the Promise of Cue Based Feeding for our Infants

Dr. Suzanne Thoyre,  a gifted, acclaimed NICU researcher and neonatal nurse, joined me this weekend at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta for our Cue-based Feeding seminar. We shared our insights and evidence-based feeding practice from a combined nearly-100-years of practice in the NICU. Therapists from across the US and Canada learned along with us to explore infant-guided assessment and intervention and develop a common language in the NICU to support neuroprotection and better feeding outcomes for infants who require intensive care. One of the attendees noted: “As out NICU team continues to transition to cue-based feeding, we will be better able to establish treatment plans for our little ones and have the team on the same page.”

We hope to see you in Austin (October) or Houston (November) for this exceptional learning opportunity.

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