Pediatric Swallowing/Feeding: “We are all in this together!”

I just returned from teaching in Chicago for 5 days at Advocate Aurora Healthcare.  What an amazing pediatric team they have…engaged, thoughtful and embracing both the evidence base and the value of problem-solving. We were joined by therapists from across the US and Europe for conversations about our shared challenges …complex infants and children who land on our doorsteps, navigating swallow studies with physician colleagues, implementing IDDSI, fostering cue-based feeding in a volume-driven culture, GI co-morbidities from FTT through  ARFID in kids, the latest information on aspiration in the pediatric population, risks for feeding on CPAP/HFNC, enduring impacts of neurologic sequalae, and integrating motor learning as the foundation for rehabilitating and habilitating the swallow from infants through adolescents, and so much more. We all came away with new ideas, new data, new perspectives and a resounding sense that we are all in this together as pediatric swallowing and feeding specialists! We can do this!

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