Problem-Solving with Catherine: School-aged Child with MD

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Looking for suggestions. What (if anything) would be safest to offer a Kindergarten student with Muscular Dystrophy that has ongoing respiratory concerns (and is frequently absent as a result), currently maintains all nutrition via G-tube due to some choking episodes when fed at home and is seated behind a shield with his nurse and instructional assistant on either side. Family is insistent on having him engage in an oral experience during lunch with his peers and is suggesting a Tootsie pop which should be taken away before he gets to the candy which I am not comfortable with at all. There are no doctor’s orders on file, and we cannot demand them. Any ideas or discussion would be greatly appreciated.

Catherine’s Answer:

I would not offer anything PO, based on both child’s diagnosis and the history we know of, without an instrumental assessment of swallowing physiology and subsequent physician orders. I would be documenting that in the child’s record as my current recommendation based on information currently available, with a documented phone call to the MD, and the MD’s direction. And I’d pull in administration/my leader from the start. The risk appears quite high for airway invasion from what we know, which is limited but well presented. Although the parents want the child fed, I would not proceed. The risk for you is worrisome. As an expert witness in previous similar cases where there was an unintended adverse event, I would otherwise be concerned about potential liability for you. It can happen, unfortunately.


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