Catherine Shaker Seminars: Elevate Your Infant Feeding Practice

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Join Catherine Shaker to take your infant feeding practice to the next level. Whether you are in the NICU or in Early Intervention, key information you can use right away with infants on your caseload. Indy in July and Baltimore in August

  • NICU Swallowing and Feeding: In the Nursery and Early Intervention July 22-23
  • Neonatal/Pediatric Video Swallow Studies July 21
  • The Early Feeding Skills Assessment Tool: A Guide to Cue-based Feeding in the NICU: August 29-30

In the NICU Seminar and Early Intervention, critical thinking and problem-solving based on real life infant clinical experience over 45 years. Latest research. Assessing and treating complex sick newborns and preterms with swallowing feeding challenges, trachs, tubes in the NICU. Foundations for supporting the complex infants discharged to you in EI from the NICU. In the Video Swallow Studies Seminar, focus on the entire swallow pathway and its potential for compensations and maladaptations in relation to co-morbidities, from birth on. Looking at the evidence-base, the big picture, and use of critical reflective thinking, not a cookbook approach; even if you don’t “do swallow studies” increase your understanding and be more skilled at referrals. In the Cue Based seminar, Dr Suzanne Thoyre and I do a deep dive into infant-guided cue-based feeding, the evidence-base, complex feeding challenges in the NICU and after discharge in EI. Analyze and score videos of infants feeding and problem-solve next steps.



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