Shaker Indy Seminars: Learning along with new and familiar colleagues










My recent visit to Indy was special in so many ways.

The Feeding and Swallowing Team at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy were wonderful hosts!  Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists joined us from across the US and Canada to learn interactively along with each other, focusing on a wide variety of practice settings.

I was also blessed to re-connect in person with Michelle, SLP extraordinaire who is also a pediatric Passy-Muir consultant who first came to my courses 20 years ago! And there was Emily, NICU SLP who now services my first NICU, that “built me from the ground up” almost 40 years ago in Milwaukee.  And we were joined by Sri, an Assistant Professor from Michigan who teaches our graduate SLPs and came to learn more about neonatal and pediatric swallowing and feeding. Their intellectual curiosity, after years of experience, inspires each of us to be lifelong learners. Really reminds me of how grateful I am to be part of such an amazing group of professionals supporting our infants, children and families. And what a gift it is to learn along with them …… and with you.




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