Catherine Shaker Seminars: Exceptional Opportunities in Yonkers and Boston Around the Corner!

Join me for advanced clinical learning opportunities in Yonkers NY (September) or Boston (October)! Each state-of-the-art seminar is infused with the latest research, problem-solving, deep dives for critical thinking, and strategies you can use the next day. A welcoming environment that fosters interaction and learning along with each other.

  • Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: The Essentials: Yonkers NY Sept 20-21, Boston Oct 13-14
  • Pediatric Video Swallow Studies: Physiology to Analysis Yonkers NY Sept 22, Boston Oct 15
  • Advanced Infant/Pediatric Dysphagia: Problem-Solving Complex Patients and Practice Issues   Yonkers NY Sept 23-24, Boston Oct 16-17

What your colleagues are saying:

Thanks for focusing on the why’s and how’s and promoting problem-solving and critical thinking when it comes to our kids. Tammy, OTR

So many things I appreciated in the Advanced course! Picture examples, the variety of diagnoses covered, planned times for questions, case discussions, anecdotal stories to help with understanding, and so much foundational research for each topic. Maggie, SLP  

Your Swallow Studies course was the most detailed education I have had related to the dynamic interaction of the oral, pharyngeal and esophageal phases and how they play on one another. Your breadth of well-rounded knowledge and ability to easily relate it to practice is wonderful. She is so approachable which makes it a comfortable environment. The research you provided is phenomenal. Lisa, OTR

Gained a deeper knowledge of factors that I haven’t given enough thought to in treatment and am more aware of current tools/trends in feeding/swallowing. I love that you and Theresa spent so much time on intervention. Eva, SLP

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