Catherine Shaker 2023 Seminars: New Baltimore Site and Cue-Based Offering for 2023

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Join your colleagues in Baltimore, MD in August for advanced clinical learning opportunities with Catherine Shaker and Dr. Suzanne Thoyre!

  • August 29-30: The Early Feeding Skills Assessment Tool (EFS): A Guide to Cue-Based Feeding in the NICU and EI
  • August 31: Pediatric Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies: Physiology to Analysis
  • Sept 1-2: Advanced Infant/Pediatric Dysphagia: Problem-solving Complex Patients and Practice Challenges

In the Cue Based seminar, Dr Thoyre and I will guide the group in higher level conversations about complex feeding challenges in the NICU and after discharge, watching and scoring videos of neonates feeding and problem-solving next steps. In the Pediatric Swallow Studies seminar, discuss unique components of the swallow pathway across the pediatric age span, and then peel apart the pathophysiology and its implications.  In the Advanced Dysphagia seminar, focus on critical thinking for decision-making, problem-solving and interventions for our neonatal through school aged patients.  A great venue to share ways of navigating the practice challenges that each of us faces on a daily basis. Walk away feeling renewed. I hope to see you in 2023!


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